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The task for the assessment – In this essay, you will develop a theory-informed and reflective analysis of an ‘intercultural experience’ in the workplace form multiple perspectives and, based on this, make recommendations for developing one’s intercultural competence. The essay should be broadly structured as follows (the suggested word count for each section is illustrative rather than prescriptive): First, describe the ‘intercultural experience’ you select for analysis. If you need more words, provide a outline of this experience here and present it (again) in fuller detail in the appendix. The ‘intercultural experience’ should be one of the following: – Film: American Factory – Film: Outsourced – Film: Fear and trembling – Your own experiences in the workplace (student group work can be included) Then, analyse this ‘experience’ using a cultural dimensions approach. Next, analyse this scenario from an anti-essentialist perspective. Finally, synthesise your overall understanding of this ‘experience’ in the light of these two conceptual approaches, and make recommendations for the characters in question (e.g. yourself) regarding how they can develop their intercultural competence.