The Best Writers You will need to develop:A. A digital or presentation of your research about Hope, John (1868-1936)B. Scholarly paper (MAXIMUM 10 pages) including at least TWO primary source/artifact. The paper must include one of the core theories of urban social work and a discussion of the implication for current social work practice. You will need to provide critical content which informs contemporary social work practice with urban Black families. ( see below questions for consideration and outline)CriteriaSocietal responses to the Pioneer/Scholars ideas:  Were the ideas taken for granted or were they novel or radical for the timesDraw conclusions about the Pioneer/Scholar’s professional support system:    Was the scholar a part of a network, or did operations take place in relative isolation? Was the isolation self imposed because of the nature of the work, because of personality conflicts or geographical factors.Evaluate where the scholar’s writings were published:  Did the scholar’s writings appear in conference proceedings? Were many of the works in journals described as socialist , e.g. The Messenger? Were the writings found primarily in the literary organs of various organizations. The location of the publications all provide some clues about the scholar’s allegiances and philosophical preferences.Primary and or secondary historical data.Contributions to contemporary practice of social work.Core Urban social work theory.Implications for current social work practice.Why is this person considered a pioneer.