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Mapping the Road to the Fountain of Youth
Joshia Tan
Editor’s Note: Ever since the first couple, Adam and Eve, was instilled with the gift of life, the human race has never ceased dreaming of living forever—each new medical discovery, whether it is an outgrowth of traditional Chinese herbs or Western prescriptions, is a testament to hu-mankind’s desire and strive to stay youthful. How, then, can healthcare management informa-tion systems (HMIS) contribute to the achievement of this universal desire, even though it is hidden among generations upon generations of policy makers, scientists, administrators, care-givers, and laypersons alike? The solution clearly lies within medicine’s promise of an unprece-dented convenience, allowing the medicine to be administered anywhere and anytime to aging patients—a solution that fulfills the promise of continuously rejuvenating live human growth tissues. Life, in and of itself, is therefore the future of HMIS. It is the need for life—or, specifi-cally, the respect for a richer and better quality of life—that has spurred new investments into advancing medical sciences and HMIS technologies and applications. It is appropriate, then, to close this text with a case on how HMIS can aid us in our long-drawn journey toward “the fountain of youth.”
I. Introduction
Life has one promise: aging is a road that never ends. So until the fountain of youth is exca-vated, we must be thankful that health care will never stop improving, either. What sort of im-provements, then, will have materialized by the time frailty and wrinkles become your personal realities? Convenience, perhaps, so the much-needed healthcare treatments can be pri-marily performed from your home? Or could it be relief—for you, the caring grandparent—be-cause your grandchildren will never have to suffer through the numerous stages of a precarious

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