Information Systems

Please answer Chapter 7 Review Questions in the book:
7-1, 7-2, 7-3 and 7-4

You must write at least 6 sentences for each response to earn full credit.  All of the content must be your own. I recommend citations to boost the strength of your contributions and to affirm accuracy. 

To earn full credit, your response must be your own from this course and submitted for plagiarism. The responses are in your own words and you may use other resources, but these questions serve to demonstrate learning and understanding in both application and reflection.

The expectation is you will respond to the question via the prompts/bullets below the question.

For each question, the potential points should be associated with the number of sentences in your response.  For the review questions, each is worth four points. My expectation is at least six complete sentences of at least 15 words.

A quote or citation from the text or another source does not count towards the sentence/word count.

Validate / Confirm your responses with additional sources.