information governance program paper

The CEO and Board of Directors have tasked you to develop a proposal (paper) that will give them the knowledge needed to make informed decisions on an enterprise-wide Information Governance program, addressing (at a minimum) all of these issues, for the company.  

 i.  Program and technology recommendations, including:
        1.  Metrics
        2.  Data that matters to the executives in that industry, the roles for those executives, and some    methods for getting this data into their hands.
       3.  Regulatory, security, and privacy compliance expectations for your company
       4.  Email and social media strategy
       5.  Cloud Computing strategy
b.  Conclusion
c.  References
2.  You must include at least two figures or tables.  These must be of your own creation. Do not copy from other sources.
3.  Must cite at least 10 references and 5 must be from peer reviewed scholarly journals (accessible from the UC Library).
4.  This paper should be in proper APA format and avoid plagiarism when paraphrasing content. It should be a minimum of 8 pages in length (double-spaced), excluding the page and references.