Informal politics, topic: Criminal Governance

Class: Informal Politics
SEMINAR 6: Criminal Governance, how does organized crime become involved in governance?
Prepare a critical review of the assigned readings: 
Prepare a 500-word summary and critique of the readings, as well as two discussion questions to be submitted prior to the seminar. 
       Make sure that the following points are included in the summary 
o The main argument of each texto The methodology usedo The theoretical approach and its application 
       Also make sure that you critique the theory and method used in the articles.
o You can use one article to critique the others, use readings assigned in other weeks, and/or do external research to help in the critique. 
o DO NOT critique articles based on things that they did not set out to do. For example, if an article sets out to use race to theorize urban violence, your critique cannot be simply that the approach is weak because it does not include a gender perspective. You must consider how and why the authors use of race is helpful or is limited. Or, if an article is ethnographic, your critique cannot be simply that it would have been better if it included statistics. You have to think about how the ethnography is done and why the author approaches the project using that methodology. 
       Do not forget to use citations!
Based on your readings, prepare two questions for class discussion. 
       o What things in the articles did you not understand or would like to know more about? o What things did you find particularly interesting and would like to discuss with the