Individual Differences In The Work Place

Compare and contrast the three types of conflict witnessed in your workplace or another location. (3-plus slides
Use the PPT i have already started. Edit it and complete. The first three or four slides are what i have personnally witnessed at work so those just need to be edited to comply with instructions.

Discuss the differences between each type: Substantive Conflict, Personalized Conflict, and Content vs. Relationship. Identify an example of each of the three types of conflict. (3-plus slides)
Recommend ways to resolve the differences in each of the three examples. (3-plus slides)

Note that people today do not want to read the presentation on the slides. They want to see five words or less and a real picture, not clip art. Use the notes page on the slides. Your professor can talk you through how to find a notes page if you need assistance.
Your presentation will also be assessed on its creativity, professionalism, and visual appeal. Feel free to exceed 11 slides if necessary.

Use 4 references