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2021/22 BMG935 CRN 13712 (Sem. 2) – International HRM

Individual Assignment


To be submitted/uploaded by 23:59pm on Sunday 21st August 2022, via the relevant module area on Blackboard Learn

Assignments will not be accepted after this time, unless prior approval has been secured from your Course Director and notified to me in advance.

All assignments must be uploaded through the relevant “assignment” link within BlackBoard Learn, with the file title as your individual name e.g. JoeBloggs.docx

You are expected to use on-line and off-line facilities to obtain :

Academic literature to provide research evidence to support your answers.

Examples from web sites which support your answers.

Your assignment should include at least six relevant references to academic literature (in addition to any references made to commercial or other reference websites). Any references cited must be referenced appropriately, using the Harvard Referencing style. The quality of your references and bibliography will be considered in the assessment process.

All published information with regards to organisations which you have used in the preparation of your assignment, should be included in your appendices.

This assessment is NOT a report and therefore doesn’t require an Executive Summary, nor a Contents/Index page.

This assignment is worth 100% of the overall marks available for this module.


If you have any queries, please contact ????? ([email protected]), immediately.


Results and feedback will normally be available within 4 weeks of submission (excluding university holidays), on an individual basis.


Students found plagiarising or engaging in any other forms of cheating, can expect to be penalised and subjected to university regulations on such matters. Plagiarism detection software will be utilised for all assignments.

MODULE ASSESSSMENT : This module is 100% coursework assessed and comprises of one individual assignment. The assessment is to be completed on an individual basis. Full details of the assessment are available under the “Assignment” tool, within the module area on BlackBoard Learn


As MNCs’ establish subsidiaries beyond borders of the parent country to produce services and goods, they experience complex situation related to management of human resources far away from their parent countries (Kim and Milnerz, 2019)

Discuss how multinational companies, operating across borders, can ensure that their human resource policies and practices are applied equitably throughout the organisation in order to generate company-wide thinking? Use relevant industry examples to illustrate your answer.

Within your analysis, you must provide a number of relevant, organisation-based examples, to support your theoretical arguments presented. These must be discussed and applied in the context of the assignment brief, and not just listed or referred to. The assignment must have a wide and visible application to industry, through the application of appropriate organisational examples. Failure to apply relevant organisational examples could result in a failure within the module assessment.

Students should be aware that this assignment requires the integration of the major themes of the module. Student skills such as researching materials, analysing, synthesising and critically evaluating the application of theory in practice will be assessed. A superior assignment will demonstrate relevant research skills, analysis and critical evaluation rather than just description.

The word count for this assignment is 3000 words with a +10% margin.

Word Count Penalties

The following penalties will be applied, if submissions go beyond 3000 words :

+10% – no penalty

>10% – 20% : 5% penalty

>20% – 30% : 10% penalty

>30% – 40% : 15% penalty

>40% – 50% : 20% penalty

>50% – maximum mark of 50%

Determining the word count : The permissible word count will primarily originate from content pages (i.e. the main body of the assignment and exclude title pages/cover sheet, appendices, bibliographies, reference lists, diagrams/graphs/images/tables.

You must include the appropriate word count on the front cover of your assignment.

Presentation style

This assignment must follow at least basic university presentation guidelines. Use at least 1.5 line spacing, size 12 and Ariel font.

This assessment is NOT a report and therefore doesn’t require an Executive Summary, nor a Contents/Index page.

It is advised that students avail of the services of Turnitin prior to final submission, to check for similarity and any potential plagiarism issues.

It is advised that students avail of the services of Studiosity prior to final submission.

All assignments must display the final word count, on the cover page (excluding all references /bibliography lists, appendices)