INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENTTHE INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT CONSISTS OF TWO PARTS (I.E. PART A AND PART B). COMPLETE PART A USING MS WORD AND PART B USING MS EXCEL.Part A MS Word (worth 70%)i) Generate some statistical data to support your discussion, presented in table form. It is inappropriate to use tables not related to your essay.
ii) Include appropriate images. Label, title and describe the images.
iii) Include the automatic table of contents on page 2iv) The style of the document should include the following:• A header on every page of the document stating your name (centered)• A footer on every page of the document stating the page number (centered)• Border line separating the contents of the page from a header and a footer• Heading (sub-Heading) and body• Page setup left 2.0cm, right 2.0, top 2.0, bottom 1.9• Font heading Verdana 14, body Courier New 11• Line spacing 1.5 10 MarksPart B MS Excel (30%)
Create a spreadsheet of the table(s) produced in Part A (section i) of the assignment. Use Ms Excel 2010 charts to analyse the spreadsheet. You are required to use the types of charts (i.e. Column, Line and Pie) which we discussed in class. Show the following in the charts:
a) Column title, label the axes and legend 10 marks
b) Line title, label the axes, values and legend 10 marks
c) Pie title, values, percentages and legend 10 marksSubmission CriteriaYou must submit the assignment with the following_ A document cover page
The document cover page should contain the following:_ Assignment Title_ The Course title and number_ Your first and last name_ Name of your College_ Term and Year
Format of files to SubmitSave the assignment cover sheet as student IDcover.docx (e.g. ALMA03Cover.docx)Save the Ms Word document as student IDWord.docx (e.g. ALMA03Word.docx)Save the Ms Excel document as student IDExcel.xlsx (e.g. ALMA03Excel.xlsx)WARNING• Maximum 1000 words are required for this discussion.• Work submitted late will be capped at 50%.

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