Independent consultant – Hire Academic Expert

Your assessment task and role

Your role: Independent consultant

Your task: Provide the CEO with a word document that (1) presents a brief assessment of risk and return measures for the company in comparison to the market and (2) evaluates and makes recommendations on the project(s). (Note: All relevant risk and return measures and project decision criteria metrics taught in this unit are required.) You will also provide a spreadsheet that backs up the figures in your document.

The main body of your document will provide summary metrics only, with workings in appendices and the spreadsheet. The document will include the following main sections (use subsections as appropriate):

1. Assessment of risk and return

2. Project evaluation and recommendations

Appendix 1. Risk and return workings and/or a readable screenshot(s) from your spreadsheet

Appendix 2. Any necessary project cash flow workings (a readable screenshot from your spreadsheet down to and including the net cash flows line is sufficient).



Ensure you meet academic integrity standards

It is very important that you know and understand how to maintain academic integrity in your submitted work. We are very good at picking up contact cheating and collusion so make sure you only submit your own work. There are severe penalties for not doing so.

If you are unsure about academic integrity standards, please review the academic integrity module and/or consult the relevant information at learning zone. If you are still unsure, ask a question in the discussion board or email your tutor or unit assessor for advice. We are most happy to help you avoid doing the wrong thing!



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