Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order Now*****INCLUDED ARE 2 OF THE 6 SOURCES THAT I WANT USED******QUESTION ASKED AND TITLE IS ” WILL PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY AND LAW FIRM STRUCTURE HAVE A NEGARTIVE IMPACT ON THE LEGAL OBLIGATION TO PUT CLIENT WELFARE BEFORE SHAREHOLDERS?”ALSO INCLUDED IS THE WORKSHEET THAT GOES OVER THE CRAAP TEST CRITERADirectionsStep 1: Write your research question at the top of the document.Step 2: Select six authoritative sources.Three of the six sources you include must be peer-reviewed journal articles (they can be obtained through a library database or through an Open Access platform). The other three sources can be from reputable websites, books, and other legitimate sources appropriate for academic research.You may include up to four sources used in previous assignments this term, if they are still authoritative and relevant in terms of the development of your research.It is highly recommended that you review sources you have selected for previous assignments and scan the references, works cited, and/or footnotes, if provided, to see whether they are still appropriate, and what other sources may be useful to track down. Note specific works and authors mentioned repeatedly by other authors in the field, as these may be seminal works or important experts to know about for your topic.DO NOT include encyclopedia or dictionary sources of any kind for this assignment. They are not used in formal, academic research essays, so we won’t use them for your annotated bibliography.If you decide to include a webpage as one of your sources, be sure that you have thoroughly evaluated it to ensure that it is a legitimate source of information. For example, a report published by a government or non-profit agency would be considered an appropriate and credible source. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, The Congressional Budget Office, the Mayo Clinic). Should you have any questions about locating your sources, contact either your instructor or the UMASS Global librarians.Step 3: Write correctly formatted APA citations for each source.Step 4: Write correctly formatted APA citations for each source.A summary of the source (one sentence—this is not the focus of the annotation)Your overall assessment or evaluation of the source (for this, use the CRAPP criteria)How this source specifically addresses your research question (include any ideas it gives you for further research)For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated