In answering these or other closely related questions you should be prepared to

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowIn answering these or other closely related questions you should be prepared to develop theresponse quite fully, provide supporting evidence, etc.1. What are the key factors that have limited the ability of the “international community”[external state actors] to intervene effectively to prevent or control ethnic conflict?Support your argument with examples and theoretical concepts you have learned in thiscourse.2. What are the implications of digital diplomacy for the functioning of MFAs and theirdiplomatic networks?3. Which of the various definitions of diplomacy do you find most useful in studying andanalyzing events such as the rise of near peer competitors threatening the U.S.-led globalsecurity system, the Arab Spring, the U.S. Middle Eastern engagement—Afghanistan,Iraq, Syria, the Iran nuclear agreement, the US-Russia standoff, the migration crisis inEurope, the rise of global terrorism, and other contemporary issues that presentchallenges for diplomatic practitioners and which appear to demand innovativediplomatic responses?4. In your view, what are the prospects for establishing, in your lifetime, a world in whichthe horrors of the twentieth century – including genocide and other widespreadmassacres, both those associated directly with organized warfare and those of a ‘lower’level- can be prevented? What would need to be done to accomplish such a situation? Isit feasible to expect that some, many, or all of these things can or will be accomplished?5. How have Russia and China leveraged their positions as permanent, veto-holdingmembers of the UN Security Council? Use examples to support your argument.6. How can Western states’ public diplomacy with the Arab and Islamic world serve theirnational interest without compromising their legitimacy?7. What are the disadvantages that least developed states confront in conducting economicdiplomacy? How might such problems be addressed? Support your argument withexamples and theoretical concepts you have learned in this course.8. What are the major arguments in contemporary global politics for including more womenin diplomatic negotiations?9. Compare and contrast the public diplomacy of non-state actors with the same activity bynation-states.10. Are norms-based approaches to limiting or preventing the use of force most effectivelynegotiated and implemented on a comprehensive, global basis, or are tailored approachesbased on regional agreement becoming more viable?11. Is “transformation” of other societies an appropriate – and realistic- goal for Americandiplomats? Support your argument with examples and theoretical concepts you havelearned in this course.12. Is the world “power,” as in the expression “smart power,” an appropriate term to use indiplomacy, or does the terminology of power have no place in formal diplomaticdiscourse?13. What are the most remarkable features of Chinese diplomacy?14. Compare and contrast the regional diplomacy of at least two world regions.15. Identify and contract the diplomatic underpinning of the three explanations for the birthof the UN.16. In view of the fast-paced institutionalization of multilateralism in the twentieth century,what is the relative significance of the UN in contemporary international politics?For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated