importance of creating plans to guide project execution – Hire Academic Expert

tools and techniques to assist in directing and managing project work (Students are required to write a report on a project e.g development of a mobile app;  conference event. You are required to describe and discuss different phases of the project life cycle, develop a WBS and a company network diagram of the case project.)

Describe the importance of creating plans to guide project execution, and list several planning tasks and outputs for project integration and scope management. Discuss project integration management planning tasks, and explain the purpose and contents of a team contract and a project management plan. Explain the project scope management planning tasks, and create a scope management plan, scope statement, work breakdown structure (WBS), and WBS dictionary

You are the project manager for your organization, and you and the project team are creating your WBS for a software development project. You are mapping the WBS to phases within your project. Of the following, which one is the end result of a phase that can help in the WBS creation?
A. Milestones
B. Project management life cycle
C. Deliverables
D. Project funding

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