I received this from the School: Dear Student, Thank you for meeting with the m

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowI received this from the School:Dear Student,Thank you for meeting with the members of the Student Success Conference on Zoom yesterday, 5/25/2022, convened to address the incident ofacademic cheating in SOW 6125:Providingunauthorized assistance to another student during an examination or whileworking on an assignment.Securingan exam, receiving an unauthorized copy of an exam, or sharing a copy ofan exam.You stated that you shared 80% of the firstexam in your course (worth 10% of your final grade); or 8 out of 10 questions via screenshot to theentire group chat made up of students in your Psychopathology class. Based onour meeting today and the video evidence, I have determined that youviolated the University’s Code of Academic Integrity. You will thusfail the course and be recommended for dismissal from the MSW program; and thisinformation will be reported to the Registrar’s office.If this is your first offense, the Division ofStudent Affairs offers a peer counseling program: You may contactthem. Per the code’s policy, you may appeal my findingof academic dishonesty. You have 5 working days to do so. If youmaintain that you did not participate in academic dishonesty, youshould send an email to Director notifying her that you would like your appealto be heard by the school director. Otherwise, this email will serve as noticeof the violation.Additionally, I am attaching the minutes fromthe Student Success Conference held yesterday, 05/25/2022, inclusive of the Committee’s recommendations.Per the Student Success Conference policy, you may appeal the recommendationsof the committee to the Director of the School. You have 5 working days from today, 05/26/2022, to do so. If you maintain that you did notparticipate in academic dishonesty, you should send an email notifyingher that you would like your appeal to be heard by the school director.Please let me know if I can answer anyquestions.Background: For better understanding about this letter received from the school:1) It was my first incident.2) A clasmate ask a question in a group chat. due to my genuine kindness I sent my completed Introductory quiz to the groupchat so that individual can see it’s not difficult. I have the proof to attached at the end of this letter for the director.2) I want to remain in the program3) I recently accepted a LOAN for the Master program so being unable to complete the classes is hearbreaking.4) Please helpFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated