I already have 70% version of dissertation discussion chapter(uploaded), What I

I already have 70% version of dissertation discussion chapter(uploaded), What I need you to help me are listed below:
Some changes for Finding parts:
Thematic analysis -to break down findings into themes. For example, According to analysis of findings, we have four themes in total,1. impact of influencer marketing is a theme 2.the drivers of influencer marketing can be second theme 3.and so on- put citation of the literature to prove findings link back to the literature, and then Section part, What the theme is and then put some indicated quote from interviewer, theme, analysis of the theme, and what we learned from literature and some example from interviewer.
Some changes for Discussion parts- Divided into 3 parts- Theoretical implication, managerial implications, limitation and future research.
1.Theoretical implication-discuss how advance our current knowledge about B2B influencer marketing, how this study confirms or extent previous study, what we know now based on this study.
2.Managerial implications How findings help manager to run more successful influencer marketing campaigns and make right decision? How finding can be translated to managerial actions, more practical implication.
3.limitation and future direction to the research- acknowledge the limitation, what can you do better if you can do it again? What other limitation if you have any.
70% of information is already in the publish dissertation file, you just need to re-structure and extend the content bit based on above and add limitation part (I think I did not have this part in my original version).
So please re-structure and extent the dissertation chapter around 1400 words(conclusion part in original version is too short and shallow)
There already lot of reference and essay sources in original version, please keep it coherent, if you used new sources to make your point more clear, please highlighted the new sources, thank you.