The Best WritersWrite an essay (about 2 pages) to introduce time mean and space mean speed (definition, relationship,etc.) and explain why space mean speed, not time mean speed, is used for traffic flow analysis. You cansearch the articles on the Internet to collect related information (using any format for references youuse). The grading is based on the following rubric (full score is 30 points):Criteria Inadequate= 2 (BelowStandard)Adequate= 3(Meets Standard)Above Average= 4(ExceedsStandard)Exemplary= 5 (FarExceeds Standard)Organization Writing lacks logicalorganization. It showssome coherence butideas lack unity.Serious errors.Writing iscoherent andlogicallyorganized. Somepoints remainmisplaced andstray from thetopic. Transitionsevident but notused throughoutessay.Writing iscoherent andlogicallyorganized withtransitions usedbetween ideas andparagraphs tocreate coherence.Overall unity ofideas is present.Writing showshigh degree ofattention to logicand reasoning ofpoints. Unityclearly leads thereader to theconclusion andstirs thoughtregarding thetopic.Level ofContentShows some thinkingand reasoning butmost ideas areunderdeveloped andunoriginal.Content indicatesthinking andreasoning appliedwith originalthought on a fewideas.Content indicatesoriginal thinkingand develops ideaswith sufficient andfirm evidence.Content indicatessynthesis of ideas,in-depth analysisand evidencesoriginal thoughtand support for thetopic.Development Main points lackdetailed development.Ideas are vague withlittle evidence ofcritical thinking.Main points arepresent withlimited detail anddevelopment.Some criticalthinking is present.Main points welldeveloped withquality supportingdetails andquantity. Criticalthinking is weavedinto pointsMain points welldeveloped withhigh quality andquantity support.Reveals highdegree of criticalthinking.Grammar &MechanicsSpelling, punctuation,and grammaticalerrors createdistraction, makingreading difficult;fragments, commasplices, run-onsevident. Errors arefrequent.Most spelling,punctuation, andgrammar correctallowing reader toprogress thoughessay. Some errorsremain.Essay has fewspelling,punctuation, andgrammatical errorsallowing reader tofollow ideasclearly. Very fewfragments or run-ons.Essay is free ofdistractingspelling,punctuation, andgrammaticalerrors; absent offragments, commasplices, and run-ons.Style Mostly in elementaryform with little or novariety in sentencestructure, diction,Approachescollege level usageof some variety insentence patterns,Attains collegelevel style; tone isappropriate andrhetorical devicesShows outstandingstyle going beyondusual collegelevel; rhetoricalrhetorical devices oremphasis.diction, andrhetorical devices.used to enhancecontent; sentencevariety usedeffectively.devices and toneused effectively;creative use ofsentence structureand coordinationFormat Fails to follow formatand assignmentrequirements;incorrect margins,spacing andindentation; neatnessof essay needsattention.Meets format andassignmentrequirements;generally correctmargins, spacing,and indentations;essay is neat butmay have someassembly errors.Meets format andassignmentrequirements;margins, spacing,and indentationsare correct; essayis neat andcorrectlyassembled.Meets all formaland assignmentrequirements andevidencesattention to detail;all margins,spacing andindentations arecorrect; essay isneat and correctlyassembled withprofessional look.