How would that character respond to your questions?

OTHER: Please see my comments on your assessment and please let me know if you have any questions! Reason for referral is underdeveloped – explain briefly why patient is being evaluated. It should give your reader a sense of where you’re headed. Please provide more information about each individual symptom; this is underdeveloped. The diagnosis section surprised me and that means it wasn’t well supported by the evidence you’ve provided. In order to justify a diagnosis, please include associated signs/symptoms of that disorder in previous sections. If associated signs/symptoms are not present, considering revising or removing diagnosis. Treatment plan is underdeveloped.FEEDBACK FROM TEACHERComments from CustomerPREVIOUS PAPER INSTRUCTIONS (#456376340): You will create a diagnostic evaluation draft report using the template above. Please assess and diagnose a fictional character from a well-known movie, book, or television program that has a diagnosis covered in the class. IMAGINE THAT THE CHARACTER HAS LEFT THE MOVIE/BOOK/SHOW AND WALKED INTO YOUR THERAPY OFFICE. How would that character respond to your questions?Please use the provided report template.Please address all of the components for each section.If the book, movie, or TV show does not provide you with much information about your character, it may be wise to select a character from another source that provides more detail.It is also permissible to take some creative license and fill in the blanks with made-up information if you feel it will bring your character to life.For this reason, I ask that you only choose fictional (not real) characters. Please do not choose a book/show/movie that portrays the life of a real person, alive or deceased.While it is helpful to report some information about the client’s family and friends, please avoid the mistake of over-analyzing a family member. Keep the focus on the client.I DO NOT need a plot summary. Only share what is relevant to the client’s diagnosis and DO NOT start detailing what happened in the movie. I should feel like I am reading about a real person that you met, not about a movie or show.Please follow APA format where necessary. Cite sources. Provide a references page which includes the full citation for the move/book/show.