How does the advice or observation apply in your life?

For this week’s discussion board, please post a link to an article or a TED Talk video that applies to:-improving group collaboration-team building-dealing with meeting tension-other meeting-related topicsWhile I am flexible on these specifications, ideally, your selection should be:somewhat recent (less than a year old)applicable to the topics we have covered so far in Week 1, 2, or 3. (attached PPT)Once you have made a selection…1.  Write an abstract for the item.2.  Connect it to your individual experience. (Software Engineer Recruiter)a. How does the advice or observation apply in your life?b. Does it help you resolve a meeting-related issue you are facing?c. Give relevant examples.3.  Discuss how your selection relates to course materials.a. Does  Wilkinson, Shaffran (or other authors we’ve read) mention this topic?b.  Was it something I referenced in a lecture?c.  Cite your sources.4.  How did you find this item?a. Did you discover it recently through a blog or social media?b. Did a colleague recommend it to you?5.  Be sure to provide a link.