how can I know something went wrong(as a compliance officer) ?

OTHER: columns F, G & H comments:– columns F & G are similar and should be combined.– In either F or G – you rely heavily on audits. Consider where we have verification steps adding that the Compliance Officer should review pending work backlog reports and other management reports that indicate the nature of the errors caught by the verification steps.– In column H, please augment to include who does the corrective action.Comments from CustomerPREVIOUS PAPER INSTRUCTIONS (#458756812): I need a writer who is familiar with AML compliance to complete my worksheet draft that is talking about the 4 pillars for preventive measures,I want the writer to add two extra columns.1. how can I know something went wrong(as a compliance officer) ? example: have a third party auditor.2. how do you fix it? how would I know and fixing it before the regulator come and tell me you have a problem.the spreadsheet is fairly obvious and logical. As I see it, each remedy should have following component:Fix the specific defect, such as for missing KYC information – obtain the missing information and update the client’s KYC profile.Update procedures as appropriate.Conduct remedial training as necessary.These three elements should part of each remedial fix.