History of Media – Hire Academic Expert

Question 1

Explain the process of human communication in its various contexts and how it is impacted by technology and media. The magazine industry is specifically geared towards reaching niche audiences, clearly illustrating the pillar of convergence known as audience fragmentation and segmentation.

(a) Identify ONE (1) locally available magazine. Explain what type of magazine it is and describe how it handles its financing and circulation.

(b) Magazine production has five goals. Analyze the above magazine you have identified according to each of the five goals:

(i) Attract an attractive audience;

(ii) Maintain a pool of loyal readers;

(iii) Create a conducive environment for advertisers;

(iv) Set a reasonable price;

(v) The Magazine as a branded event.

Question 2

Demonstrate your understanding of the evolution of the television industry, as it is influenced by the growth of the internet and new media.

(a) Define and explain the HBO Max service and its impending launch in Southeast Asia and Singapore.

(b) Research and describe HBO’s historical involvement and presence in Southeast Asia and Singapore up to the launch of HBO Max.

(c) Analyse how HBO may have considered the four key factors of deciding their target audience and where to launch their HBO Max platform in Asia. Give specific examples related to each of the following factors:

(i) The Competition

(ii) The Available Pool of Viewers

(iii) The interest of sponsors