History of holocaust

For this essay you should use your readings for basic information, especially Bergens War & Genocide, Kaplans Between Dignity and Despair, and The Warsaw Diary of Adam Czerniakow.
The paper must be a minimum of three (3) pages in length and a maximum of five (5) pages. You should use standard, default word settings for spacing and margins (1 left and right and 1 top and bottom, 1/2 paragraph indent, and double spacing). You should also use Times New Roman font with 12 pt type face. No extra spacing between paragraphs, no sub-heads, and your name and paper title should either appear at the top of page one (with no excessive spacing to the beginning of the text) or on a separate cover sheet. You should cite material from each of the books using standard MLA or sociology format according to the following: (authors last name, page number).
Beginning with the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, the German government moved toward explicit mass murder of targeted groups under its control in Germany and occupied Europe, especially the Jewish population. This was formalized in Operation Reinhard the Final Solution agreed to at the Wannsee conference on 20 January 1942. By then resistance began to emerge among the Jewish population to escape certain death or undermine the German ability to achieve the Nazi objectives of killing tens of millions of people.
Write an essay in which you discuss the variety of forms of resistance adopted by the Jewish population in response to the Nazi German implementation of the Final Solution. What impact did Jewish resistance have on the Holocaust and among the Jewish population? What were the obstacles to Jewish resistance during the Holocaust?

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