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Here are 3 i will send you 2 more lATER
YesterdayJul 25 at 10:01pm
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The purpose of a college education is so our young adults get a profession and a real job and experience life in the real world. It’s for young adults to feel the life between to worlds and how to balance it out for there to be just enough time for everything. For example, most young adults do schoolwork and have a job on the side to help them pay for there school. In my opinion I feel like over the years that the academic life will become harder. I believe colleges should teach global understanding because people should know what’s going on with there world and ways to better it for future generations. Additionally, I believe they should also teach about cultural diversity and expression so racism doesn’t occur. By the time I graduate I hope to become a better student and a better person in the world.
Peer 2:
9:10amJul 26 at 9:10am
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The excerpt from the speech “This is Water”, is a great reminder of real, mundane life. Life is not about fairies and butterflies and it ain’t no walk in the park. That doesn’t mean to say that life has to be boring or rigid or totally not fun. The excitement and fun comes from what you make out of it, how you choose to fill your days and weeks and months with productivity and purpose.
As college students we tend to think that adult life is more exciting and fun than it probably is. Although, I do think that most of us, with busy schedules have gotten a taste of real life. College is a preparation for our futures, and a necessary part of our futures are transferable skills and broad minds. Skills that will help us to think in any situation. And minds that will allow inclusivity of different ways of thinking and how different people think. In the global community that we are a part of today, we will all come across different cultures and backgrounds and we need to have sufficient skills to be able to successfully deal with these issues in our workplaces. So, yes college’s have a responsibility to empower their students with the knowledge of being a productive global citizen.
By the time I graduate, I hope to have gained the essential tools that will allow me to practice diversity and inclusivity of thought in my day – to-day existence and infuse it with meaning and purpose.
Peer 3:
1:36pmJul 26 at 1:36pm
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I believe that the true purpose of a college education today is utilitarian where students become prepared to work a certain job. I think that college education will remain utilitarian in the future. In addition to educating students for their future career paths, I believe schools should also prepare students for the non academic aspects of adulthood. Providing tools to help students build their character and values would benefit society as a whole. I believe that colleges have a responsibility to teach concepts like “global understanding” and “cultural diversity and expression”. As we learned, it is very easy to be misled by fake information. Part of college education should teach students how to navigate news, think for themselves, and respect the opinions of others. I also believe that college education has the power to influence students to become a global citizen and also respect the differences of others. Upon graduating, I hope to become a more thinking and well rounded individual by taking general education courses. I am excited to learn about different topics and see how it contributes to my life.