Great Plague of Athens

How did the great plague of Athens that began in 430 BCE affect the social imagination of the city as a whole, and how do you think the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the social imagination of New Yorkers? For example, can you find examples in art, music, theater, film, or TV  that reflect changes in New Yorkers lives as a result of the pandemic, just as we studied examples in ancient Greek plays, such as Oedipus and Hippolytus, that reflected ancient Athenians views of sickness and the Great Plague? Aim to devote at least one paragraph to a discussion of ancient Greece and one paragraph to a discussion of New York today. Don’t forget to have a solid thesis that answers the questions. Feel free to write what you think. Do not worry about offending me! I am not here to judge anyone’s ideas; I’m just here to examine if you’ve thought about the question and can answer it with clear examples.