Grant Proposal Paper

19Jan 2022 by

Grants represent a significant funding stream for many public and private social work agencies. This assignment seeks to give you practice with writing grant proposals.
You may refer to the following websites to access an RFP on a topic of interest to you and your area of social work practice or use the hypothetical RFP to assist you in framing the grant paper:

After selecting a live RFP or using the hypothetical RFP posted in the assignment section, submit a draft of the following two completed sections of the Grant Proposal paper:

(Part I: Executive Summary is NOT due this week. You will submit this in a later week.)
Part II: Statement of Need
Part III: Program Description

If you are working with a partner on the Grant Proposal, both students should submit their paper for this assignment.
Review the Grant Proposal Assignment Outline for a description of what to include in each section. Refer to the Grant Proposal Sample Papers to help you with ideas and what to include in each section. Please use the Grant Proposal Template to ensure that you include each section of the paper. Complete only the required sections of the Grant Proposal Template for this deliverable.

 (If you were not able to locate a live RFP to use, write your grant proposal as if you were responding to the Hypothetical RFP.)