giving advice to another challenging character

The Best Writers Think back over the texts we have read so far this semester.  Choose a character, narrator, or speaker who is going through a hardship or challenge of some kind.  Then, explore what advice for them a separate character, narrator, or speaker from a different text would have.  Cite specific events from both texts to show your mastery of the texts.Your essay should: A. Clearly explain the hardship and its effects on the character B. Use specific quotes and/or events from the original text to show the hardship C. Explain the advice from the second character, narrator, or speaker D. Use specific quotes and/or events from the second text to show the advice they would have E. Explain how the advice will help   the text you will be using is love the way you lie the song and will use winter dreams, dexter in winter dreams will be giving advice to Rhianna about how Eminiem treat her and what to do about it.