Your final assignment of the semester is to write a 5-7 page essay on a topic of your choice, drawn from the readings/authors we have studied this semester. You may choose to write about a single work or author, or to write about multiple works in relation to each other. You may look at a single genre, or across genres. The primary works to be discussed are entirely up to you, as long as they are anchored in some way to the course material. 
In addition to working with primary (that is, literary) texts, your paper must also have a research component in which you engage with that work’s critical context. To that end, you must cite AT LEAST three scholarly secondary essays. These scholarly works should be professional and appropriate for use in an academic context. Mainly, they should be drawn from the school’s library databases. 

I have two stories I want compared based on the theme of both stories, to talk about how women are viewed a certain way compared to men, how men have more “power” over women. something along the lines. 

based on: Hills Like WHite Elephants by Ernest Heminway 
The Doll House by Henrik Ibsen ( the play) 
The Birth-Mark by Nathaniel Hawthorne