Fundamental of Sociology

Fundamental of SociologyAnswer these 6 essay questions.
One question for 1 full page.
MUST REFER to this text book: Hughes, Kroehler, Vandez Zanden, SOCIOLOGY: The Core, McGraw-Hill, 11th Edition.
REQUIREMENTS in the essay: (3 MAIN PARAGRAPHS)– Answer the essay questions based on the textbook that I stated above. (Question 1 refers to Chapter 1, Question 2 refers to Chapter 2, Question 3 refers to Chapter 3, Question 4 refers to Chapter 4, Question 5 refers to Chapter 5, Question 6 refers to Chapter 6)
– Insert outside sources to support the essay. DO NOT QUOTE
– Self analysis and interpretation about this particular question. OR what you have learnt from this question and chapter.
ESSAY QUESTIONS:1. Describe the contributions of Elliot Liebow study of a street corner man to our understand of society.
2. Define and differentiate the terms subculture and counterculture. Providing concrete examples of each in the process.
3. Explain the relationship between nature and nurture. As they relate to the studies of social isolates Anna, Isabelle, and Genie.
4. Define and contrast primary and secondary groups. Include concrete examples of each.
5. Explain the meaning of the term “deviance” as viewed sociologically. That is, what are its main characteristics.
6. Identify and explain open and closed system of social stratification.