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Chapters, 11,3,1,2,9,4,5
Identify any quote that is interesting or meaningful to you, and use it as a theme that helps you discuss three distinct topics from the class so far. These topics can be your choice of any theories, studies, key terms, etc. in PSYC1 up until this point. Write about what interests you! Note: the source of the quote can be any person (fictional or non-fictional) or even a song lyric.
Your objective is to demonstrate an understanding of any three topics of your choice from the class, yet tied together with a quote. In describing your three chosen topics, you should provide enough detail so that someone unfamiliar with psychology would have a basic comprehension of each after reading your essay. Aside from providing your chosen quote somewhere in your essay, do not use any other direct quotes in your paper – you should paraphrase everything into your own words, given the relatively short length of this essay. Moreover, please indicate where each of the three topics is originally discussed (e.g., provide the chapter or page number).
Your grade will be based on demonstrating an understanding of three separate course topics (30 points). Again, this is open-ended and you may choose to write about anything you like. Another, smaller aspect of this (10 points) is being creative and tying all three topics together with your chosen quote. 10 points will also be dedicated to grammar, spelling, and clarity of content.
Essays should be 1.5 pages double-spaced, minimum, but less attention will be given to length compared to content. There are no specific format requirements (e.g., MLA, APA, etc.), but organization is important.