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Choose a ceramic artist from The Color Network database. Navigate their website to find biographical information, artist statements, and works of art. Write a 700-word essay including the following:
Brief biographical information on the artist
What type of work do they make (functional ware, sculpture, etc.)
How does the artist’s practice fit into the discussion of craft and fine art?
What is the overarching concept in all the artist’s work?
Description of one specific work of art using visual & critical analysis
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Paul Briggs
February 25, 2020
My work in ceramics began in high school and continued at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. At Alfred (as an undergraduate and years later as a graduate student) ceramics began to truly provide me solace and give me scope to concretely philosophize. I explored the continuum between art and spirituality for many years while continuing my education. Following Alfred I went on to earn the BSEd, in Education/Ceramics at City College New York in 1986. I returned to Alfred University to complete an MSEd, in Education/Ceramics, in 1992, completed the Ph.D. in Art Education/Educational Theory and Policy, at Penn State in 1995, and ultimately the MFA in 2016 from the Massachusetts College of Art. I have taught art education and art over the years at all school levels. My work has become increasingly contemporary and I am nurturing a sustained presence within the art-making world. Over the last several years I have exhibited in international, regional and juried exhibitions.