The Best Writers5The Temptations of Charter Schools and CorruptionEfren HernandezCollege of Business, Grand Canyon UniversityUNV 105: 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem SolvingTurk CiftcikaraRunning head: ASSIGNMENT TITLE HERE13/13/2022Fraud is a more common problem in charter schools than most realize. The issue of fraud in charter schools is significant and must be acknowledged and taken seriously as it impacts society. In 2017 it was estimated that 136 million dollars had been lost due to fraud, waste, and mismanagement in the charter school sector Ertas (2021). The case aforementioned maybe because no single authority is charged with investigating and documenting misconduct in school charters. Without accountability, the industry can do what they want essentially. In addition, the role of national philanthropic organizations in funding these charters makes them susceptible to the temptation of making their charter schools look better than they are. Charter Schools are corrupt and susceptible to fraud, violate the public’s trust, and negatively effect students, teachers, and society.There are many instances where charter schools have been caught in fraudulent acts due to temptation. One of the main barriers is that no single authority is charged with investigating and documenting misconduct in the sector Ertas (2021). Perhaps the lack of accountability in charter schools contributes to the number of fraud cases in the industry. Without accountability, charter schools have the temptation to run wild. While doing the right thing when no one is looking is expected in school systems, charter schools tend to do the wrong thing when no one is looking. One of the most common strategies involved is embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds that are granted for specific purposes Ertas (2021). When funds are misused, precious resources are diverted away from teachers and students, cheating them. This money is dear to children and teachers. Many teachers pay for their supplies for the year, and any extra funding could help alleviate them financially. It is unfair to expect teachers to supply classrooms when charter schools use the budget to line their pockets. When violations of trust as massive as this happens, the public starts to lose faith in this flawed system. When breaches of trust as massive as this happens, the public begins to lose confidence in this flawed system.Furthermore, the public cannot help but demand to know how the misappropriated funds are being used precisely after violating their trust. One such event is when an Ohio man directed the charter schools he founded to his business associate’s shell companies for supply and technology purchases, which allowed them to chart triple the market prices for the products. This case is one of many instances where founders intended to benefit their interests. It is incredible how this Ohio man put the needs of his associates before the children, teachers, and society. The overwhelming temptation in this instance proves that the charter school programs have flaws that humans cannot resist falling victim to. Public funding often goes unaccounted for in charter schools due to oversight. The oversight is particularly concerning as there is a lack of operational and funding structures, which will only help to encourage fraud to occur Ertas (2021). One California school called Edutrain closed after only being open for two years as they had over one million dollars of public funds unaccounted. As a result, the public cannot trust charter schools with their money. Just like the public must be accountable during tax time, so should charter schools. The unaccountability of public funding is unacceptable and should be treated with severe repercussions. It has been found that some Charter School programs have even been awarded money by opening what is called a “ghost” school. A ghost school is when the Charter sector opens up a non-existent school, often being awarded money. In one case, 3.7 million dollars of federal money was awarded to 25 Michigan charter schools that never even opened American School & University (2015). This case shows just how far charter schools will go to cheat the system. When charter schools fall victim to corruption, it does not only hurt the public.Moreover, charter school corruption negatively effects students, teachers, and society. Charter schools control their programs regarding teacher hiring, curriculum, and budget, dictating their own rules Buras (2021). As a result, students at charter schools may be getting a further education than the public school system children. Meanwhile, poor and working-class families are expected to entrust the flawed education system to care for their children’s needs. It is unimaginable that a system exists where schools could hire friends and family whenever it benefits them. A system that can make up its own rules should not be possible, but charter schools think they are the exception. Poor and working-class families deserve more than the manipulation of the system charter schools continue to act on. Families already struggling can not be expected to stand idle when the public funding they provide is being misused. Charter schools with special education options are given extra funding. The extra funding opens up a new encouragement to commit fraud. Teachers lie by inflating special education services Buras (2021). Charter schools have set a culture of fear and loyalty that discourages people from speaking up Buras (2021). One can see how charter schools have unfairly influenced their staff into the temptation of fraud. One can only imagine the outrage of parents with special needs children. Imagine an innocent child’s disability being used to gain more funding for the intent of fraud. This act is one of the more atrocious violations of society’s trust. Perhaps the corruption of charter schools can be changed with new law implementation. Until then, the charter school sector will remain susceptible to fraud.No doubt, as research conducted states, charter school corruption has violated society’s trust and has had many adverse effects on students, teachers, and society. The charter school system is significantly flawed and encourages fraud. The illegal misuse of public funding has violated the public trust in the charter school system. There are many other things the public is worrying about when it comes to their children, and school should not be one of them. In addition, the corruption of the charter school system effects students, teachers, and society negatively. Perhaps the charter school system will be restructured to discourage corruption in the future. Unfortunately, society must acknowledge that charter schools are susceptible to fraud until then.ReferencesBuras, K. (2021). “We Have to Get Certain Numbers to Stay Open”: Has a Charter School Network in New Orleans Failed to Draw the Line? Journal of Law & Education, 50(2), 1-65.Ertas, N. (2021). Administrative Corruption and Integrity Violations in the Carter School Sector. Public Integrity, 23(1), 15-32.Lax oversight of charter schools has led to waste and mismanagement, investigation contends. (2015, October 21). American School & University (Online Exclusive).