Complete Library and Internet research regarding the judicial foreclosure process in South Carolina.
Describe in reasonable detail the judicial foreclosure process in your South Carolina, and any alternative processes that are available to avoid foreclosure within SC. Please write your analysis so that a layperson (without either real estate or legal training) can understand it.
Please provide a 3 to 5 page analysis. Your work should be in proper APA format. Upon completion, upload your work to the Assignments area of the classroom

No late papers will be accepted.
The paper must contain
A title page-,
An Executive Summary- (On a separate page),
The body of the paper must contain-
An introductory paragraph (Do NOT label it Introduction. See the sample APA paper at the website OWL Purdue),
The discussion and analysis of your research, using APA headings and citations where needed,
(No more than 20% of your paper should be taken from other authors. Please check TurnItIn percentage after submission.).
A conclusion,
A reference page- (On a separate page).
Five references are required.