Final Portfolio Instructions Background: Our goal in this course was to introduc

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowFinal Portfolio InstructionsBackground:Our goal in this course was to introduce some tools and habits that you can use to write creatively. This portfolio will allow you the space to reflect on your learning while also demonstrating your awareness of our learning outcomes, listed here:Understand the basic creative writing tools.Write with active language (Tool 1: avoid to be verbs).Use descriptive language (Tool 2: prefer concrete words; Tool 3: appeal to the senses).Use line breaks intentionally in your poetry.Write stories that feel real, even if they are fiction, so we care about the characters in them.Demonstrate the ability to read and respond critically to other students’ work.Develop a vocabulary of literary terms and tools.Provide constructive feedback to classmates’ drafts.Reflect on and filter feedback to assist in the revision of written work.Practice strategies for revision.Assignment: Compose a 5-10 page midterm portfolio that expresses your understanding of Tools 1-4 while also reflecting on your learning in this class thus far.What you are required to include:Include between 2-5 poems that you have revised to show you understand how to use the tools we covered in class.Include 2 stories (Fiction or Non-Fiction, but make sure at least one of them FEELSREAL!) that you have revised to show you understand how to use the tools.A screenshot of your Ourglass/Literary Journal submissionInclude a written reflection (usually 2-3 pages) in the form of answers to these questions:Assess your poems and stories, and explain where you think you use the tools we have covered in this class.Where is your writing still growing in regard to these tools?What have you learned about poetry and prose, including any new terms/practices you are aware of now?What did you take away from the class feedback in our Peer Review Workshops? What was the most helpful advice you received?How has your writing evolved from the beginning of the semester?What do you want to learn about now?Submit everything in a single document to the Assignments folder no later than Monday, August 8th.How you will be assessed:I will assess your portfolio in terms of how it:Expresses your understanding of creative writing tools;Contains all the required elements described abovePlease note: I am not grading the page length of this. You might only need 5 solid pages to do this assignment, or you might need 12. Your call.Why Do We Have To Do This?Reflecting on your learning is essential! Learning how and when to do this will not only make you a better writer, it will make you a better learner. Period. Ask anyone you admire and I bet you’ll find they have a clear process for encouraging growth.How to get started:Look over the feedback provided to you in our Peer Review Workshops. Also, look at some of the feedback you gave to your peers. But please note that you don’t have to use all the feedback. In fact, you shouldn’t. Just use that which helps you get somewhere good in the work. What do you think the intention of your pieces are?Try revisions. Your revisions might get messy. That’s okay. Our goal isn’t to create tidy revisions here. It is to do the work of revision, and gets messy. A messy second draft is often needed to earn a more complete third draft.Not ready to revise? Write your reflective cover letter first. In fact, that might help you get started with your revisions!For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated