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File Requirements: Size: 8.5 x 11 Colour Mode: RGB Raster Effects: Medium (150ppi) Preview: Default

Face shape

Nose shape

IIIUSir Ntion
Procedure: – “Place” into Illustrator, either one of the portrait files provided or use a photo of your choice – You will be creating half the face (as shown below) – With the Pencil tool, draw out basic areas of face (for example; face, hair, neck, eyes, nose, mouth, clothing, bkgrd) – after creating basic area, click with the MESH tool to apply grid lines within the shape – Use the DIRECT SELECT tool (white arrow tool) to select anchor points in the mesh – bring up the SWATCHES palette and choose various shades of grey (white for highlights, greys to black for shadow areas) to fill in your meshed area to create form
WARNING: Playing around with the MESH tool can cause early grey hair! If your mesh becomes too twisted, I would strongly advise to redo the mesh shape and keep the mesh grids simple!

Hair shape
Throat/Ear shape

Eye shapes
Mesh examples provided by student work (used by permission)
Mouth shapes
* You can use other tools to supplement details, such as gradient tool for background, brush tool for eyelashes, pen tool for shirt details etc…

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