Favorite Artist Analysis

I would like you to share with me the artwork of your 3 favorite artists.  This artwork/artists can be:

from any time and place
in any art media (painting, sculpture, architecture, prints, graphic art, photography, collage, installation art, video art, earthworks, performance art, etc.).

Submit 3 images, or more, from 3 different artists. )
Choose one of the three to analyze in writing following the directions below:
~ Title your paper (something interesting) 
~ Your paper needs an introduction that includes:

Interesting opening sentence or two Basic information- artist’s name, title of artwork, format, size, media 
Thesis Statement – Prove to me why you like the work! 

~ Your paper needs a detailed Description 
~ Your paper needs a discussion of Context – artist’s life, context, etc. 
~ Your paper needs an Interpretation of the artwork – what does it communicate?  what do you see that tells you that? ~ Your paper needs to include the sources of your information. 
~ Writing quality– Your paper needs to have good sentence structure, grammar, spelling and the ideas should be clear and well-organized.