Extra Credit Evolution Questions

Evolution can be a confusing topic for some or an intriguing topic for others and there are many issues that touch on evolution and its mechanisms.  Because of this, you probably have a question or two about evolution and how it works.  
For up to 6 points of extra credit, I want you to:

Ask 2 actual questions you have about evolution.  These should be science questions.  
These need to be thoughtful questions, not simple definition questions or yes/no questions.  You should not be able to find the answers to these in your textbook; they need to go beyond what is covered.  
Each question should be explained in 2+ sentences; make it clear specifically what you are asking
Do NOT provide answers to the questions – that part is my job.  You just need to ask good questions!
The goal here is to help you understand evolution better.  

So, you entire assignment should only take 4 sentences or so (2 per question).
Biology the Core 2nd edition is the text book she is referning to so anything should come from that source ok