Explain which statistical test will you run and how will you interpret the data.

It is time to publish the second article in your series for Complex World.In this article you should summarize how you are going to implement your solution and how you are going to measure the success of your solution. Discuss how your hypothesis aligns with your organization’s mission and remember that it is likely you will need assistance from others in your community who are in different fields. Consider the roles you need individuals to play from other disciplines to support your solution.Be sure and support your points with data and evidence. Provide an explanation of how you will interpret and present your collected data to inform future decision-making in your organization. Use the template provided for your submission and follow the same guidelines as you did in module 1.As with your previous articles in your series, remember that editorials are typically opinion pieces; supporting your opinions with data adds to your credibility. Be sure your opinions are supported with data. Assume that Complex World is a leading source of interdisciplinary information for leaders in all fields and careers.ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS:Cover the following details:Briefly state your solution and describe your hypothesis (I will attach the hypothesis below but I did not receive the best feedback on it so it might have to be revised) you created in M2.1 and state how it aligns with the organization’s mission.***Hypothesis that was submitted:Null hypothesis: There is a significant relationship between the use of opioid in the work place and loss of life.Alternative hypothesis: There is no significant relationship between the use of opioid in workplace and loss of life.