Explain the theory and, using the story, explain how it might relate to time travel.

In “A Sound of Thunder,” how does the story borrow from the Butterfly Theory in physics? Explain the theory and, using the story, explain how it might relate to time travel.Requirements:Minimum Quotations:6 direct quotations from the story2 direct or indirect quotations from an outside source.Sources:In addition to the primary text (play), you must use at least 1 outside source. This source can be either a book or an article from an online database. You may use additional (reliable) sources from the Internet as long as you first meet the book/database requirement.Reminder: NO Wikipedia, SparkNotes, Enotes, 123helpme, Schmoop, Yahooanswers, etc. And even if I haven’t mentioned a site, but it’s similar to the previous list, you still can’t use it!Works Cited Page:Required, and may not count as part of the page/word requirement. MLA format.In Text Citation Format:(Author’s last name page #) (Faulkner 341)Reminders:MLA FormatNo contractionsDo not use the pronouns “I” or “you”Use proper quotation format – integrate your quotations into your sentencesUse proper parenthetical citations for all words taken from the text or outside sources.Do not merely summarize the story or generally discuss a character.Be sure to have an original title, a complete introduction with a thesis statement as the last sentence of your intro paragraph (full name of author and full title of work must be in the thesis) and a complete conclusion paragraph (no new info in the conclusion).