Explain the role of elites on the CoVid 19 vaccination production system?

The full question is: Explain the role of elites on the CoVid 19 vaccination production system? How does this elitism vary for developing and developed nations?A research question can be developed in correlation with the subject.This paper should stand in the scope of business administration theories.The structure preferred would be: ABSTRACT – INTRODUCTION (with research question and announcement of the structure) – PART 1 – PART 2 – PART 3 – CONCLUSIONNo plagiarism.Sources should be cited at the end of the paper in the APA style.The criteria are the following:1. Topic and Research QuestionIs the problem and objective clearly defined? Is the train of thought consistently in line with the handling of the problem? Is the weighting accorded to individual chapters (breadth versus depth) appropriate? Are all statements correct with in terms of content?2. ArgumentationAre terminology, theory and data correct and adequately used? Is the argumentation sophisticated and oriented on the problem? Do the visualizations used support the arguments? Are the conclusions deduced from the argumentation in an evident and stringent manner? Are the language and style used sophisticated and sufficiently formal?3. StructureDoes the abstract summarize the main findings in a succinct way? Is the research question clear and adequately substantiated in the introduction? Is the main body of the paper well-structured and logically consistent (is the “red thread” easy to follow)? Does the conclusion work in combination with the introduction to create a framework for the paper?4.Literature and SourcesAre the sources used an integral part of the argumentation and relevant to answering the research question? Are the sources cited adequately? Are the sources discussed in a critical manner? Are the sources analyzed and utilized to answer the research question?5.Formal AspectsClear, well-structured layout; correct grammar, spelling and punctuation; visualization; correctly arranged lists: contents, figures, literature; correct use of citations; meets the requirements as specified in the fact sheet.6.LengthMaximum of 45,000 characters, including spaces and footnotes (up to 3,000 characters per page, approximately 15 pages, tolerance +/- 10%). The title page, table of contents, bibliography, indices, etc., are not included in the character count, which must be indicated at the end of the work.