Explain the link between the SWOT Analysis and the organization as an open system?

H‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‍ello, for this question I need it to be answered in 2 separate answers of 300 words for each only. This is a discussion question based on content learnt for that week.I have completed part A already which was my own answer to the below question. Nigel Food Corporation Limited Nigel Food Corporation is a small family business that specialises in importing food to Australia. It has been in operation for the last 30 years and currently it has 20 employees with 3 millions turnover. Nigel Corporation has a major warehouse in Melbourne that supplies food to more than 100 clients in various parts of Victoria. At the end of 2021, Nigel is retiring and handing over the management of the business to his daughter Sandra who has been assisting in running the business for the last 5 years. Sandra is a well known among employees as a hard working individual. She has graduated with the Science degree in 2020 and is seeking your help as a change consulted in carrying out her vision of transforming Nigel Food Corporation into a wholesaler that relies on modern technology as a way of enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the family business. As the Change Consultant, you have been asked to: 1. Undertake SWOT Analysis for the organization using the template provided. 2. Explain the link between the SWOT Analysis and the organization as an open system? Use the template below in your post: 1. SWOT Analysis (200 words) Strengths Opportunities S1. O1. S2. O2. S3. O3. Weaknesses Threats W1. T1. W2. T2. W3. T3. 2. Explain the link between the SWOT Analysis and the organization as an open system? (200 words) MY RESPONSE TO THE QUESTION 1 – Organisational Change for Sustainable Behaviour 1. SWOT Analysis (200 words) Strengths Opportunities S1. Occurrence of a major operational warehouse in Melbourne. O1. There is potential to expand and introduce another major warehouse as the company transforms into a wholesaler. S2. Occurrence of a steady demand for services where the warehouse supplies food to more than 100 clients in various regions within Victoria. O2. The use of modern technology will offer better outcomes for the environment. S3. The new manager, Sandra, is well conversant with the business as she has been assisting in running the business for the last five years. O3. Incorporating modern technology will improve work efficiency and effectiveness, thus ensuring that the company can support the increasing demand for services (Joshi, 2018). Weaknesses Threats W1. High turnover rate where it has had a million turnover throughout 30 years. T1. Clients may oppose the company’s transformation into a warehouse, which might make them lose faith in the corporation. W2. Present workers may not be well conversant with modern technology and will, thus, require training. T2. The occurrence of natural disasters may destroy the warehouse. W3. Some workers might feel like incorporating modern technology will result in the loss of their jobs, thus making them opposed to the change. T3. Natural disasters may increase the demand for food. 2. Explain the link between the SWOT Analysis and the organization as an open system? (200 words) The open systems theory involves the ability to view organizations as an open networked structure. This structure is part of an external environment that affects it, thus making it an essential aspect in ensuring its longevity (Jung & Vakharia, 2019; Leonard, 2019). SWOT analysis is linked to the organization as an open system since it highlights environmental issues that might affect its productivity and profits. Indeed, an establishment that adheres to the open systems theory has a higher chance of obtaining enhanced performance in all aspects, including the financial areas (Hayes, 2021). The SWOT analysis considered environmental aspects as they are crucial to maintaining business operations and ensuring the safety of stored food. The SWOT analysis considers the benefits of modern technology to the environment. Indeed, the use of modern technology causes more sustainable use of energy, where organizations demonstrate better stewardship of available natural resources (Edinburgh Sensors, 2019; Joshi, 2018; Wensley, 2021). As such, the corporation will not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. However, the environment also presents a variety of risks to the company. For instance, Melbourne is often affected by natural disasters like fires, floods, earthquakes, and storms. These disasters may affect the demand for products and lead to the warehouse’s destruction. References Edinburgh Sensors. (2019). Environmental Technology | Impact of technology on the environment. Edinburgh Sensors. Retrieved 29 March 2022, from Hayes J. (2021). The theory and practice of Change management. Joshi, N. (2018). 3 ways technologies are helping us save the environment. . Retrieved 29 March 2022, from Jung, Y., & Vakharia, N. (2019). Open Systems Theory for Arts and Cultural Organizations: Linking Structure and Performance. The Journal Of Arts Management, Law, And Society, 49(4), 257-273. Leonard, K. (2019). Open System Organizational Structure. Small Business – . Retrieved 29 March 2022, from Wensley, P. (2021). Making a positive impact: how tech is helping us restore planet earth. Ericsson. Retrieved 29 March 2022, from NOW, I NEED TO RESPOND TO 2 OF MY PEERS ANSWER TO THE SAME QUESTION. PEER 1 – 1. SWOT Analysis Strengths S1. Nigel Food Corporation is already a well-established business, with more than 100 clients. S2. Sandra is well-known among the employees. She is not new to the company and knows about working there for the past five years as an advantage when She takes over the company. S3. 30 years of experience within the company – a competitive advantage compared to new and upcoming companies Weaknesses W1. Nigel Food Corporation is a small family business. Being a small business, they may not have the resources, staff or money, to be able to bring in new modern technology. W2. Sandra has studied science, not business. This could limit her ability to run the company. W3. Small family businesses often depend on the owner, and the company may have issues after Nigel leaves, having run the company for 30 years Opportunities O1. This is an opportunity to sell imported products d‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‍irectly to the public, potentially being something they can not get elsewhere and serving an underserved market depending on product choice. O2. Ability to attract a larger market, and expand the company – increasing profits O3. An opportunity to change the branding and use new marketing for the company is being a wholesaler rather than just an importer. Threats T1. The change Sandra is wanting to make is entering a new market. Moving from importing (to other wholesalers) to now being a wholesaler could change customers’ views towards you, and result in losing clients T2. Government policies regarding importation may hinder the amount and type of product being imported T3. Competitors may develop newer technology that gains them a greater competitive advantage compared to Nigel Food Corporation 2. Explain the link between the SWOT Analysis and the organization as an open system? Organisations as open systems suggest that changes to any one of the organisations’ elements will cause changes to the other elements (Hayes, 2022). Hayes (2022) highlights the importance of companies being able to anticipate the need for change and be proactive in change. Benzaghta et al. (2021) describe a SWOT analysis as a tool for strategic planning, that assesses the needs for change, while organisations as open systems changes affect other elements. The SWOT analysis is then needed to assess the benefits and risks of making change, to determine if the strengths and opportunities out weight the weaknesses and threats, the change are going to be beneficial enough for the impacts on other elements to be feasible. Understanding the context of change and the impacts it has on all aspects of the organisation are important to determine the need for the change (Kirby, 2019). Therefore the organisation as an open system and a SWOT analysis are linked. The SWOT analysis helps determine the impact the change may have on other areas of the company, and analyses if they are worth the benefit of the change. References Benzaghta, M. A., Elwalda, A., Mousa, M. M., Erkan, I., & Rahman, M. (2021). SWOT analysis applications: An integrative literature review. Journal of Global Business Insights, 6(1), 55-73. Hayes, J. (2022). The Theory and Practice of Change Management (6th ed). McMillan. Kirby, D. (2019). Changing the nature of organizational change. Strategic HR Review, 18(4), 155-160. PEER 2 – Strengths – The organisation has a long-established reputation in the industry spanning 30 years. – The organisation is highly profitable, creating revenue of $3 million. – The organisation has a strong customer base, with over 100 clients. Weaknesses – Nigel Corporation will lose their experienced founder and manager Nigel – New manager Sandra is relatively inexperienced. This means Sandra lacks at least some useful knowledge for her position. Opportunities – Opportunity of the transformation of Nigel Corporation into a wholesaler which utilises modern technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness. – New management brings the opportunity of new ideas which could change and improve the business. Threats – A loss of management experience could result in the organisation being more vulnerable to poor managerial decisions. – New management may be too inexperienced to effectively deal with challenges facing the organisation. – As a result of a different managerial approach, the organisation could be subject to loss of business to competitors if customers The open systems organisational theory provides that an organisation is made up of a number interrelated and interdependent components which interact as subsystems. Therefore, the impact of internal or external forces on one system will result in an impact on other systems and therefore the organisation more broadly (Scott and Davis 2015). Conducting a SWOT analysis allows organisations to identify those internal and external forces which may impact on certain systems within the organisation and therefore assists in demonstrating how the organisation as a whole may be affected by certain forces (Quezada et al. 2019). Therefore, a clear link between the organisation as an open system and SWOT analysis exists, namely, a SWOT analysis identifies the forces within the internal and external environments which will in turn impact on the interrelated systems of an organisation. Further, adopting the approach outlined in the McKinsey 7s framework will assist in diagnosing the nature of the relationship between these systems. This model refers to the seven key interrelated elements of an organisation which include structure, strategy, systems, shared values, style, staff and skills (Odeh 2021). This model demonstrates how changes in one element of the organisation will have influence over the other elements. For example, if the shared values of the organisation changes, the strategy or structure may have to also change to align with those values. Conclusively, viewing the organisation as an open system provides it is made up of a number of interrelated systems. The undertaking of a SWOT analysis will help identify the internal and external factors that impact on those systems. Lastly, the McKinsey 7s model identifies the relationship between the organisational systems, demonstrating how the impact on one will impact on the other systems. References Odeh, G., 2021. Implementing Mckinsey 7S Model of Organizational Diagnosis and Planned Change, Best Western Italy Case Analysis. Journal of International Business and Management, 11(4), . Quezada, ., Reinao, ., Palominos, . and Oddershede, ., 2019. Measuring performance using SWOT analysis and balanced scorecard. Procedia Manufacturing, 39, . Scott, . and Davis, ., 2015. Organizations and organizing: Rational, natural and open systems perspectives. Routledge. PermalinkShow parentReply Please note: This is a discussion question and answer, so it needs to be answered in such form. Both responses need 5 references including the website of the university. 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