Explain the ideas that most caught your attention and why.

Discussion Board Post on primary AND secondary source reading. After reading chapter 5, review the primary sources pages 240-246(located in zip file). Then, read the provided secondary source article (Zoroastian Hell) both attached belowIdentify the one primary source excerpt from this week that interested you most. Explain the ideas that most caught your attention and why.What would you identify as the most significant similarities and differences between each of the primary sources we read this week?What insights do the primary source excerpts provide readers in regard to how each of these cultures were unique?This question focuses more on the secondary source reading: How is the Zoroastrian depiction of the afterlife different AND/OR similar to other depictions of the afterlife, such as the Judeo-Christian or Islamic depictions? What might these differences or similarities tell us about the nature of religion and the role it plays within societies?What was the most interesting thing you learned from these readings and why?