Explain how your articles are consistent with your own findings.

This week, your project consists of finding at least two different current-news articles related to the country you selected. The articles have to be no older than three months and must be related to the economy of the country.Explain how your articles are consistent with your own findings. You need to relate the articles to any of the concepts discussed during the previous weeks: GDP, inflation rates, unemployment, government monetary policies (money supply, exchange rates) or fiscal policies (taxes, government spending), international trade (trade balance, exchange rates), production, economic growth, etc.Your articles articles MUST be from a news source. They cannot be from a blog, professional journal, dictionary, data site, or encyclopedia (that includes Wikipedia).You should try finding news from any public newspaper, magazine, TV station or their websites; such as foxnews.com, yahoo.com, cnn.com, wsj.com, nytimes.com, economist.com, etc. You can also use similar international websites, such as Reuters, BBC, France24, etc. Your best source for news reports may well be from news sites in your country. Just keep in mind that not all countries have a free press.Each week your assignment must be in a report format as a Word document attachment, so remember to use paragraphs and a report structure.