exercise 1

After watching The Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) and The Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) Example videos in Week 6b, submit an Excel file with:

a table and its line chart comparing two real products on 5 value elements, and a third hypothetical product with 8 value elements. The third product will share the first 5 value elements, but should also have three value elements that the other ones do not have. This should be a product that is not in the market; therefore you should create it, and give it a brand name.  
a small paragraph on how/why the new product will conquer the blue ocean space. Base it on the value elements it has and how some differentiate from the competitors and how are totally new.


To receive full points the new product must be in the blue ocean and not in the read ocean (this is very important). Red ocean is the area in the graph where other brands are and compete. The blue ocean is the space left.
Do not submit product categories/groups. For example, house cleaners, baby formula, etc.
Do not submit the examples presented in the videos.