Examining Electronic Waste Management System

By handheld electronic devices including but not limited to laptop,mobile phones, tablets,rechargable batteries and non rechargable batteries, portable handheld electronic devices…etc 
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Literature review: The literature review should include the most recent and relevant literature related to the topic supported with high-quality scholarly resources. The Literature review should contain studies in the UAE as a whole and the area if available and international countries if applicable. The literature review part should cover the available knowledge in terms of theoretical as well as methodological aspects. 
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I am focusing on my study to examine the e-waste management system as a whole in Dubai and find strenghths and gaps and benchmark with international countries to further strenghthen the system:
– Electronic waste managment infrastructure including e-waste generation, storage, transportation and disposal ( recycling, reusing,donation, re-sell, disposal to landfil)
-Electronic waste legistalation in UAE and in Dubai speficially 
The different stakeholders inlolved are:
– Household
– Bussiness/organizations
-Electronic reparing shops
-Electronic Waste Recyclers
-Legisltation including fedral and local in Dubai 

Am trying to invistage how each stakeholder are manging their handheld electronic devices focusing on how they own,store, dispose and so on.

1) For households am focusing on their awarness about handheld electronic waste managment, behavior towards handheld electronic devices, handheld electronic devices generation. Please find the survey which I have shared with public to get an idea on what am focusing on in my study and link it to litreture review while writing : https://form.jotform.com/212617996930062 it inculdes below sections:

1- Sociodemograhpic
2-Questions About Handheld as part of E-waste Generation
3-Questions About Awareness on Handheld Devices as part of E-waste Management
4-Question Behaviors towards Handheld Devices as part of E-waste Management
5-Questions About Values Regarding the Recycling of handheld devices as part of e-wastes

2) For organizations kindly find the link to understand more and link it to litreture review:  https://form.jotform.com/212692171022042 am analyzing their handheld ecltronic waste management in terms of generation, storage, polices/regulations availble, transportation, disposal methods ( recycling, reusing, resell/scrap, donation,disposal to landfil), best practcies found in the organization. 

3) For electronic repraring shops to understand the types and quntaties of electronic waste generated as well as the way of disposal 

3) Electronic waste recyclers : infrastructure, facilities, electronic waste treatement, stoarge, transportation, dispsoal, others.

4) For legisltation to examine legistaltion in UAE an Dubai Muncaplity related to electronic waste 

I have started to write however it requires to be re-written to fill all the requirements which needs to be filled from your end based on above inputs. Please find attached survyes shared with DM and e-waste recyclers to have an idea.