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Question 1 a) Examine the three elements of Cyber Security that are generally used to protect computer networks and systems. (10 Marks) b) An ethical dilemma is a situation a person faces in which a decision must be made about appropriate behavior. Discuss any five key professional ethical values to be considered when faced with ethical dilemma at the work place. (10 Marks) c) Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) once said “The greatest goal is to achieve the greatest happiness for as many people as possible.” Clearly explain what he meant by such a statement. (5 Marks) Question 2 a) Using practical examples, discuss the four categories of cybercrime as defined by the typology of crime in our modern society. (10 Marks) b) To what extent can you differentiate laws from professional codes of Ethics? (5 Marks) c) Ethics are standards of right and wrong, good and bad. What makes the difference in ethical behavior is when one either “talks the walk” or “walks the talk”. In illustrated concrete terms, what do the above expressions mean? (10 Marks) Question 3 a) Briefly establish the differences and/or similarities between Cyber Crime and Cyber Ethics. (5 Marks) b) Despite the fact that Ethics enables people correctly organize their actions in life, there are still reasons why humans act unethically. Discuss any five of such reasons. (10 Marks) c) There is quite a number of approaches to the study of ethical issues. With clear illustrations, compare two of such approaches. (10 Marks) 2 Question 4 a) Using practical examples from the field of computer compare (into some detail) the terms ‘Ethical’ and ‘Legal and relate them to the issue of ethical behavior in organizations. (10 Marks) b) Doctors may experience ethical uncertainty when faced with a situation in which they are unsure of what values to apply or even where the ethical problem is. Discuss any five steps the doctor needs to go through in order to take the right ethical decisions. (10 Marks) c) Although Ethics mean different thing to different people, its meaning always has some ethical implications. Briefly explain at least three implications of the meaning of Ethics. (5 Marks)

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