Evaluate its impact on society now and in the future.

To maintain a career in a visual arts field, it is important to keep up with technology trends, both for content creation andcontent delivery. This project will be a written report on a technology that is just beginning to reach the public or one still indevelopment and limited to a few people having access to it. You might even consider technology not specifically for designbut may at somepoint be integrated into it. Be creative in how it can be incorporated.• The first step will be to research technologies being developed. Look into tech periodicals, technology web-sites, scientific journals, etc.. Once you have one, you will need to get it approved and submitted via Bright-Space. Duplicates will not be allowed, so the first to submit will get that technology. Have a backup plan.• Once you have your topic, begin researching and documenting sources. Include spin off ideas that mightdevelop as a part of the report.• Write a report. It should include:• Facts on the subject with what it is, how it is used, important dates, people/companies involved• Evaluate its impact on society now and in the future. Then its impact on design.• Develop your opinions on if it will succeed or fail and why• Images of the products or technology (include any photo credits where needed)• Convert the final file into a PDF format to turn in by the deadline