Euthyphro – Hire Academic Expert

Socrates meets Euthyphro at the Courthouse and strikes up a conversation with him as to why he is there. Euthyphro says he is prosecuting someone for a crime. He reports that he has thought long and hard about whether he is doing the right thing reporting this person for the crime he has committed, but he knows he is doing the right thing. This leads to discussion on the virtue of 'piety' (the virtue of doing what is pleasing to God/the gods) and its nature. First, who is Euthyphro prosecuting and why? Would you find this difficult to do? Do you think that Euthyphro is making the right moral choice in his actions? Do you think his decision to prosecute was a well thought-out decision? Why or why not? What passages in the dialogue justify your views? Do you think Euthyphro really knows what piety is and do you think he really knows that what he is doing is 'pious'? What do you think Socrates knows about the subject? 

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