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Essentials of HRM

June 2022 Examination

Q1. With the world returning to normalcy post the pandemic, as an HR hiring manager you have the task of forecasting the demand for the next year to make sure you hire the right number and right kind of people. Explain the techniques of HR demand forecasting that you will employ in depth. (10 Marks) –

Ans 1.
Human resource is the most vital part of any company. Without human resources, the company cannot function. Its miles the human resource only that makes and breaks an organization. People are a critical part of any organization. The valuable human resource is the only one to be able to work in all the spheres of the organization. The covid- 19 pandemic has broadly impacted almost every stratum and field of society, so has it impacted the hiring method in any employer. Putting up the pandemic generation

2. As seen in recent trends, organizations have moved away from traditional induction methods to many more interesting ways to welcome their new recruits. Take industry examples and share how you will design induction for new employees in an innovative way. (10 Marks)

Ans 2.

To have an effective workforce, the corporation needs to be adaptive to the market’s changing needs. As quickly as the market adjusts, the organization has to make specific changes in its human resource management strategies. Those traits are the shifts that want to be explored to avoid HR manner stagnation. We can say that valuable human resource is fixed of people who are there to maintain the workforce

3. The past few years have challenged the traditional organizations to think differently. In Intellicore Solutions, where previously no efforts were made by managers for career growth of their workforce, things are about to take a turn for the positive. The leaders now realize the importance of retaining their best talent and have therefore hired HR managers to help create career and succession plans.

a. You have to guide the new HR manager to be successful in his career planning initiative. How will you explain the process to him? (5 Marks)

Ans 3a.
Human sources or humans would be highly required to effectively run any enterprise or business enterprise. Human aid control is hence nothing, however, a kind of approach through which the human aid of the employer or the organization can be controlled effectively. In these days’ competitive global, the need for human resource management has arisen extra due to the enormous regions in which human resource is required. Human resource, regardless of generation development, is an entirely

b. The first step to an effective succession planning is ensuring that the objectives are correctly established. Describe the goals of succession planning that the HR manager should bear in mind. (5 Marks)

Ans 3b.
While we communicate about choice strategy in human functional resource management, it refers to positive vital ideas that can be carried out for any assessment and choice method that focuses on the human capital inside the organization. It primarily relies upon individuals’ expertise, competencies, abilities, and understanding in specific profiles. On the one hand, some of those techniques focus on the candidates who have applied for the work.
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