The Best WritersUrban SociologyEssay Question #2Due: See Course ScheduleBACKGROUND: Essay #2 requires you to summarize and apply what you have learned so far in this course. Remember,the essay takes the place of an exam. So, to do well on this essay, you will need to rely heavily on thematerials presented in class and in the readings.THE ASSIGNMENT: Based on material covered in this course and material you collect from your own research on a Third Wordmegacity, your essay will outline key issues in Third World urbanization and particular issues confrontedin one Third World megacity. You will accomplish this by answering the following questions:1. How does urbanization in the Third World differ from the urbanization in the First World ? In answeringthis question, you will want to outline numeric trends on the scale of Third World urbanization. You willalso want to discuss the factors that influence urbanization in the Third World and how those factors varyfrom those in the First World. Finally, you will want to discuss important social, economic, andenvironmental problems in Third World urbanization.2. What are issues surrounding urbanization in a Third World megacity of interest to you? In answeringthis question you will first select a metropolis from the following List. Figure 2 on page 4 of Planet ofSlums provides a similar list to select from. Next, you will describe the megacity and discuss how andwhy its population has grown so rapidly (statistics on population growth through time will help). Finally,you will want to discuss important social, economic, and environmental problems that confront yourmegacity (discuss more specific problems than you outline in response question #1). The book TheChallenge of Slums provides examples of case studies of slums in numerous cities and may serve as auseful resource of answering question #2. A PDF version of The Challenge of Slums is posted onPossible Cities: Mexico City Mumbai Sao Paulo Delhi Shanghai Calcutta Dhaka Buenos AiresKarachi Cairo Rio De Janero Beijing Manila IstanbulGRADING : Your essays will be graded based on the grading criteria listed on the backside of this page. Essays will bedocked 10 points per day late. I will only accept late essay assignments for full credit in the event of adocumented medical or family emergency. If you do encounter an emergency, you must notify meimmediately. Documentation could include a note from a physician, hospital admittance slip, orcorrespondence from an academic advisor or the Dean of Students.FORMAT : Your essay should be 4 pages long, not including your bibliography (a cover sheet is not necessary). Itshould be in 12-point font, double-spaced, and with 1 inch margins. Writing less than 4 pages will hurtyour grade. You must use the APA system for references. This system is described in the Syllabus and the“Paper Writing Guide”, which are posted on Blackboard. You should cite your sources frequently, even ifyou keep using the same source. Citing frequently is always better than plagiarizing. All direct quotesmust be cited with a page number. At least 4 sources must be cited to receive full credit. Remember thatcitations for the texts are listed in the Syllabus. Good essays have an introduction where you reviewwhat your will be doing, a body where you discuss key points (the use of subheadings can help structureyour essay), and a conclusion where you provide a brief review and a closing statement. This essay is animportant part of your grade so devote adequate time to it. If you have trouble writing essays you canreceive writing assistance at the University Writing Center (see syllabus for more information).Good Luck!