Essay on Genetics

You are suddenly interested in your genetic heritage and want to have an analysis performed on your total DNA.  Outline the process you would go through to acquire this information and explain what you would hope to learn from this information.  The length of the essay should be 1000 words. You can use any resource to acquire information but the writing must be entirely in your own words.  The topics listed below need not all be covered but should orient you to what is expected.  Remember we are seeking at least some biochemical/genetic information at a molecular level. Please make this essay as personally relevant as is consistent with your comfort level. In the text of the essay and in your reference list cite at least three references that you used to answer this question.

-Who would perform this analysis for you?-What information would you receive?-What methodology would be used in the analysis?-How have the current sequencing methods changed from the original methods?-How have changes in methodology facilitated the acquisition of sequence data?-What could the analysis tell you about your familys original country/countries of origin?-What might this tell you about your family tree and the ethnic nature of your ancestors?-What might this tell you about your genetic diseases or other potential medical problems?-What might this tell you about your physiological or mental capabilities?-What might this tell you about the potential for genetic diseases in your children?-Could the information result in any changes in your behavior or lifestyle?-How might this information change your outlook on the nature of ethnic differences?