Written Responses and Forum Discussions
In weeks three and nine, students will have to read the primary or secondary source for that week and craft a written response to that source (see below).  The following week (weeks four and ten), a forum will be opened and accessible to the students where the class will discuss the sources for the week.
Written Responses
Students will be expected to read all the sources for that week but are only required to choose one of the sources from that week’s discussion and write a two-to-three-page synopsis of the source. 
For this synopsis, you will be addressing four points
–       What is the source about?
–       What is the author’s argument?
–       What did you learn from the source?
–       Come up with two questions on your own regarding the source.
Each written response will be worth 25 points each for a total of 50 total points for the written responses and will be submitted via UR Courses.